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Trevor James

Trevor James is a senior scientist with AgResearch, a Crown Research Institute. Trevor has worked at the Ruakura Research Centre for more than 35 years with a primary focus on weeds, how to control them and what happens to the control agents (herbicides). Currently, Trevor has four work areas, managing pastoral weeds especially yellow bristle grass (Setaria pumila), weed control in maize focussing on enhance breakdown of atrazine and the resultant need for better post-emergence control options and the possible consequence of herbicide resistance, management of environmental weeds such as Tradescantia fluminensis, Equisetum arvense, Tropaeolum speciosum and Fallopia japonica, and finally better identification of risk pathways for border incursions of weeds. Trevor is also a keen photographer of weeds and has several minor and major publications to his name including An Illustrated Guide to Common Weeds of New Zealand.

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