New Zealand

Kerry Harrington

Kerry Harrington is an Associate Professor in Weed Science at Massey University, where he has been working since 1983. Over that time, he has supervised many postgraduate students in weed science projects, and also conducted his own research, across a wide range of topic areas, including control of pasture weeds, herbicide assessment for new crop species, herbicide resistance, turf weeds, forestry weeds, ground covers for use in orchards and urban areas, and control of environmental weeds. He also lectures to undergraduate students on weed science, both to internal students and those learning at a distance. Kerry runs the scholarship scheme at Massey University for agricultural students and helps with a national herbicide resistance management programme within New Zealand. He has his own web-site at

Mike Cripps

Mike Cripps is a scientist at AgResearch Lincoln, New Zealand. His research is primarily focused on pasture weed management, with an emphasis on classical biological control, and a current focus on thistle weeds. Before joining AgResearch in 2012, he gained substantial experience in biological control of weeds from research carried out in North America, Europe, and New Zealand. His research has involved testing plant invasion mechanisms and underpinning theory of biological control of weeds by comparing invasive weeds in their native and introduced ranges. Mike currently serves as vice president of the New Zealand Plant Protection Society.