CAWS Medal for Leadership

CAWS recognises outstanding contributions to weed management in Australasia through the award of the CAWS Medal for Leadership. This is a prestigious award with, on average, no more than two medals being awarded at each Australasian Weeds Conference.

The award recognises a contribution to the science, technology and practice of weed management through research, teaching, administration, extension and implementation of programs, which is:

  • outstanding, in that the contribution is recognised by peers to be exemplary in substance, objectives, methods and results;
  • influential on the work of others;
  • sustained over a long time, perhaps ten years or more;
  • substantial in that the contribution is broadly based across several categories listed above; and
  • national in its impact. (It should be noted here that locally outstanding contributions may be recognised by Member Societies of CAWS.)

The medal is administered by the Awards Committee of CAWS, comprising the CAWS President, Immediate Past President and one other person appointed by CAWS. The Awards Committee, through the CAWS secretary, calls for nominations six months prior to when an Australasian Weeds Conference (AWC) is being held.

Nominations should be made to the CAWS secretary by two months prior to the opening day of the AWC using this nomination form.

Past recipients

The following have received CAWS Medals since the inception of the award in 1984.

Presented in 2018

Presented in 2016

Presented in 2014

Presented in 2010

Presented in 2008

  • Dr Steve Walker, Queensland

Presented in 2006

Presented in 2004 (at 14th Australian Weeds Conference, Wagga Wagga)

  • Mr Geoff Sainty, New South Wales
  • Dr Bruce Wilson, Queensland (presented Qld Weed Soc Conference)

Presented in 2002 (at 13th Australian Weeds Conference, Perth)

  • Dr Tim Woodburn, Western Australia
  • Mr John Moore, Western Australia
  • Ms Barbara Waterhouse, Queensland (presented 2 July 2003 at Noxious Weed Conference)

Presented in 2000 (at 12th Australian Weeds Conference, Hobart)

  • Dr Rachel McFadyen, Queensland
  • Mr Dennis Morris, Tasmania

Presented in 1998 (at state society AGMs)

  • Dr Deirdre Lemerle, New South Wales
  • Prof. Marcus Blacklow, Western Australia
  • Mr Cyril Jerram, Victoria

Presented in 1996 (at 11th Australian Weeds Conference, Melbourne)

Presented in 1993 (at 10th Australian Weeds Conference, Brisbane)

  • Mr James Swain, New South Wales
  • Dr Steven Powles, South Australia

Presented in 1992 (at the IWCC, Melbourne)

  • Mr Warwick Felton, New South Wales
  • Mr Harry Combellack, Victoria
  • Mr Des Gilbey, Western Australia

Presented in 1990

  • Dr Bruce Auld, New South Wales
  • Dr Malcolm Campbell, New South Wales
  • Dr Richard Groves, Victoria
  • Dr Dick Medd, New South Wales
  • Dr Leon Smith, New South Wales

Presented in 1987

  • Dr Ron Amor, Victoria
  • Mr Ian Anderson, Victoria
  • Mr Alf Humphries, Western Australia
  • Mr Brian Hyde-Wyatt, Tasmania
  • Dr Peter Kloot, South Australia
  • Dr Peter Michael, New South Wales
  • Mr Geoff Pearce, Western Australia

Presented in 1984

  • Dr Bill Haseler, Queensland
  • Mr Arthur Nelson Johnson, New South Wales
  • Mr Alan Mears, New South Wales
  • Dr Bill Parsons, Victoria
  • Dr John Swarbrick, Queensland